Download BootLogoCustomizer iOS 8.4 Jailbreak Tweak

As you know that all iOS 8.4 Apple brand users can jailbreak their idevices gathering with TaiG jailbreak. TaiG v2.4.3 released for windows and TaiG v1.1.0 released for mac. All cydia lovers are expecting new cydia tweaks to download on their idevices with new jailbreak. Eventually iOS 8.4 jailbreak also provide thousands of iOS 8.4 jailbreak tweaks for their fans. New jailbreak tweaks are updating daily. BootLogoCustomizer iOS 8.4 is the new jailbreak tweak compatible for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

BootLogoCusotmizer is the brand new iOS 8.4 jailbreak tweak that lets to customize the color of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch’s Apple boot logo. It has a simple preference panel and it can find in the stock settings app of your iDevice. But you can’t change the boot logo, because BootLogoCustomizer does not let you to make any changes in boot logo. When you reboot your iPhone first, it will allow you to change the one that seem on respring. Eventually it will show up on reboot behind the unmodified logo.

ios 8.4 jailbreak tweak

Actually you should pay for this tweak. Don’t pay to BootLogoCustomizer  iOS 8.4 than $1.00. If you are thinking to customize your Apple device boot logo and background, I think this is the better way to do it. If you already installed BootLogoCusotmizer, go to the stock Settings in your iDevice and find BootLogoCusotmizer’s preferences. Inside you can see the kill switch, two sections to boot logo background and customize the boot logo color and also Apply Changes button.

If you go to the customize background or logo, BootLogoCusotmizer provide the color picker to choose your favorite color. But if you don’t like it you can click the # in the upper right hand corner to enter in a hex color library directly as your choice. If you are already settled the favorite color to the background or boot logo, then click on the Apply Changes button to see your custom colors. When you out from here, each time you respring, you will meet your custom colorway for the background and boot logo.

We invite you to join with BootLogoCusotmizer iOS 8.4 and customize your iPhone boot logo and background with your favorite color.

iOS 8.4 Jailbreak Cydia Tweaks

iOS 8.4 is in already available as beta. The major release can be expect at the end of the testing period back of few beta versions. Already four beta versions are released among iOS 8.4 beta collection. We seem that iOS 8.4 major version will improve Apple’s security system to prevent all jailbreak abilities and they will aim to increase enhancement. Number of features can be expect as users’ hope. However as you know, iOS 8.4 beta 1 jailbreak has been demonstrated on YouTube. The video uploaded by the famous hacker and jailbreak researcher Stefan Essar, common name as iOn1c. They could release only video and its shows jailbroken iPhone 6 plus running on iOS 8.4 beta 1. iOS 8.4 jailbreak would be released so soon.

For all Cydia lovers, this is the great opportunity for you. The latest iOS 8.4 jailbreak tweaks can download on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch after jailbreak iOS 8.4. Choose your favorite iOS 8.4 cydia tweaks to install for your iDevice modification.

cydia tweaks iOS 8.4 jailbreak


Cylinder is the series of homescreen icon animations. Currently there are 45 icons in Cylinder app. Therefore users can choose their favorite icon animation to their iDevice homescreen. There are 35, 184, 372, 088, 832 effects available when you take combinations into account. If you did not satisfy with these animations then you can code your favorite or own animations using Lua!. Animations are stored in Cylinder Library. Czech, Chinese, Italian, Danish, Russian, Swedish, Turkish and French translations are available.

ios 8.4 cydia


CCControls is the real control center which allows to fully customize the lock, function and feel of control center’s toggles. All iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running on iOS 7 to iOS 8.4 compatible with CCControls.

Stock Toggles – KillAll, Bluetooth, DND-Do Not Disturb, Airplane mode, Data, Autolock, Hospot, Respring, VPN, WiFi, LTE, Vibration, Home button, Location, Ringer, Settings, Siri, Multitasking, iMessage, Invert colors, Reboot

ios 8.4 cydia download


Moviebox tweak is a kind of streaming app. It is allows to watch video and movies online from Moviebox app. All iPhone, iPad and iPod can be install Moviebox app.

How to install moviebox – Open the Cydia > Search > Type as Moviebox > Download and then install on your idevice.

Features of Moviebox – No broken link , Daily updated movies and shows, High quality video, No crash and no issues

cydia ios 8.4 jailbreak


CyDelete app is allows you to uninstall cydia apps directly from springboard. Hold the springboard icon download and click on the X. Now app is uninstalled. You can install uninstalled apps through the cydia.

Changes of CyDelete

  • CyDelete v2.0.4-2 – Remove some leftover files
  • CyDelete v2.0.4-1 – Add support for 4.1

cydia tweaks ios 8.4


Multify is the best and awesome multitasking tweak that allows to open number of apps in same time. First open an app near the full sized window then open another app and then users can quickly switch both app icon at the top in same raw. Using Multify you can adjust the app’s size and placement while you multitasking.

8.4 cydia