Downgrade iOS 8.4.1 to iOS 8.4 On iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Apple has already released iOS 8.4.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch fixing several bugs and improvements for music app. Apple has patched several vulnerabilities using TaiG jailbreak. It means TaiG jailbreak is not possible to jailbreak iOS 8.4.1 and users can’t download cydia on iOS 8.4.1 currently. If you already upgraded your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into iOS 8.4.1, the good news is that you can downgrade iOS 8.4.1 idevice into iOS 8.4. After downgrading you can jailbreak your device using TaiG jailbreak.

downgrade ios 8.4.1

Important key note before downgrading

  • You can downgrade your idevice only to iOS 8.4.
  • You can downgrade your idevice into iOS 8.4 as long as Apple continues to sign iOS 8.4.
  • It is important to do backup of your all important details using iTunes or iCloud. It will be important to restore your idevice if something goes wrong.
  • Apple does not recommend to downgrading, so you must be careful and go to the process at your own risk.

How to downgrade iOS 8.4.1 iPhone, iPad, iPod to iOS 8.4

As I mentioned Apple never recommend to downgrading. But all cydia lovers always try to jailbreak their idevices and download cydia. iOS 8.4.1 is currently available as the unjailbreak stage. You can follow these simple instructions to downgrade your idevice. There are two methods to downgrade idevices.

Method 1 :

1. Put your idevice in DFU mode.

  • Connect your idevice to computer and turn off your idevice.
  • Hold the power button for 3 seconds and start holding the home button without releasing power button for 10 sec.
  • Release the power button and holding the home button along until get a popup from iTunes.

2. Click “ok” and then tap on the “Restore iPhone, iPad or iPod touch” button.

3. Press on the “Restore and Update” button.

4. You can see the information about iOS 8.4 in the next screen. Click on the “Next” button and then click “Agree”.

5. iTunes will take 10 minutes to complete download iOS 8.4 and install it on your idevice.

6. You can see the “Hello” screen if your succeeded on the downloading. Then you can follow the instruction to set up your idevice and restore it with backup.

Method 2 :

  1. Turn off Find my iPhone in the settings app.
  2. Download iOS 8.4 for your idevice.
  3. Attach your idevice to computer.
  4. Open the iTunes and choose the iOS device.
  5. Mac user : Hold down the option/ Alt key
  6. Windows user : Hold down the option/left shift key.
  7. Click on the “Check for Update” option.
  8. Select the ipsw file and wait few times.
  9. Your device will reboot automatically after downloading.

That is all. Now you can jailbreak your iOS 8.4 iDevice using TaiG jailbreak. Enjoy with cydia.

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