Pangu jailbreak iOS 9.1 for Cydia

As you already know, iOS 9.1 is the current highest update of iOS 9 series. All are anxiously waiting for Apple and the jailbreak community as news are always updating day by day. The rumors are reporting while we are waiting for the jailbreak tool, Pangu is devising the Pangu jailbreak iOS 9.1. Therefore, Apple is planning for their next iOS launch as iOS 9.2 to keep jailbreak users away from their new iOS releases. As Pangu jailbreak is already entered the iOS 9, we cannot expect that the jailbreak of upcoming iOS releases will be easy for us. We only have to wish for the Pangu jailbreak iOS 9.1 to arrive soon.

By the way, following narrate we unfold for you will be important to get an idea of the upcoming jailbreak tool. It will be good for you even we are looking for the Pangu jailbreak iOS 9.1.

Pangu iOS 9.1

The unknown team of hackers on iOS 9.1 jailbreak

 There was a great news for jailbreak interested users as an unknown group of hackers have been caught the jailbreak possibility of iOS 9.1. Also, they are planning to jailbreak iOS 9.2 as well which is the version still on its beta season. Anyhow, the news was begun with the spring of the ZERODIUM announce of their bounty for the founder of the jailbreak iOS 9.1. But it seems that the attainment different than any other jailbreak tool before.

Rumors on the created jailbreak iOS 9.1

The unveiled jailbreak iOS 9.1 is a tool which you don’t need to jailbreak using a PC. You can use a web browser for that and they have disclosed that they tried the jailbreak tool on iOS 9.2 beta visions as well and jailbreak them successfully. Also, they equalize it to the tool JailbreakMe, which we used few years ago. But still the tool hasn’t released to the public. And the company ZERODIUM hasn’t announced what they are going to do with the founded jailbreak iOS 9.1.

However, even all these are news; we cannot confirm you that the jailbreak iOS 9.1 is possible with the current situation as still that news is on rumors.

Pangu jailbreak for iOS 9.1

By the way, although we report you updates of jailbreak and all you expect from us, we would like to remind you that still Pangu jailbreak is the only reliable tool for iOS 9.1. Because they are the only team who could victor the jailbreak iOS 9 series and the Pangu jailbreak iOS 9.1 must in progress to offer us soon. Also, we can see whether the team that founds the tool we report you can battle with Pangu jailbreak? Maybe Pangu jailbreak will be there for us to offer the Cydia download iOS 9.1 by victor the battle again. Anyhow, hope you will be there when we update our details of iOS 9.1 jailbreak with latest news. Stay and get ready to welcome the upcoming jailbreak iOS 9.1 in the near future.

Download iOS 9.1 On Your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

The latest expect mobile operating system of iOS 9 Download took place to come out in September 2015. Nowadays all apple fellows overplay for iOS 9 download. Meanwhile some sources are taking about iOS 9.1. So now we are going to talk about expect iOS 9.1 firmware for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. As reviewers most probably it would be launch for users after the iOS 9 download. So we like to invite ready to download iOS 9.1 and install iOS 9.1 with special offers. Here is the simple guide for iOS 9.1 download.

download ios 9.1

iOS 9.1 release date

As you know that iOS 9 confirm to release on September in 2015. So we think that iOS 9.1 may arrive sooner than we expect it. As some sources we can expect iOS 9 release less than a month behind the iOS 9 release. As we mentioned that iOS 9 will reportedly fall in 2015, which means that iOS 9.1 release date would be early or later October 2015.

iOS 9.1 Compatible iOS devices

Some sources indicate that iOS 9.1 will not be compatible for all Apple devices. I think the news could disappoint Apple users, because they indicate, there is a likelihood that iPod touch 5G and  iPad mini would be stop from iOS 9.1 device compatibility list. Here is the support idevices to iOS 9.1 :

  • iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 7
  • iPod touch 4
  • iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad pro
  • iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4
  • iPad Air, iPad Air 2

Note : iPad Air 3, iPad Pro, iPad mini 4, iPhone 7 are did not release yet. Most probably those will fall in 2015. So we listed those in to the iOS 9.1 download support idevice list.

iOS 9.1 Download Fetaures

currently we cannot aver which are the main upcominig features of iOS 9.1, but as reviewers they indicated expectant features with iOS 9 release. Smarter Siri, Apple Pay expands, Apple Maps, Apple, news app, Multitasking for iPad, New keyboard with easy cursor controls, Wi-Fi improvements and more than few features is going to release in iOS 9 download. Therefore most probably we can see the improved iOS 9.1 than the iOS 9.

However we haven’t any possible to indicate the review of iOS 9.1 at this moment, because it hasn’t release yet. We think that as soon as iOS 9.1 will appearance inside us.

iOS 9.1 jailbreak

We expect iOS 9.1 jailbreak after iOS 9.1 releasing. Jailbreak iOS 9.1 and cydia installer will available for all iOS 9 support devices. If you need to install jailbreak iOS 9.1, you can follow below steps :

  1. Do complete backup using iTunes or iCloud.
  2. Install iOS 9.1 IPSW for your idevice.
  3. Find your jailbreak iOS 9.1 compatible ipsw download links.
  4. If you have an jailbroken idevice you can download + install such links.
  5. No need to pay for download links.
  6. Ok now you can see cydia iOS 9 store icon on your jailbroken idevice.
  7. Done. Now you can install cydia tweaks + addons.