iOS 8.3 Untethered Jailbreak Features and Commendation

All jailbreak finders are busy right now on iOS 8.3 jailbreak. Number of jailbreak hacking groups need to do in tit for tat challenge with Pangu, because Pangu is prominent jailbreak society which is could released the first announcement about iOS 8.2 cydia install at Mobile Security Conference. They gave big dream to all cydia lovers and they could be a challenge for all hacking teams. Cydia is the main aim of every jailbreakers and cydia fellows, because cydia is like the entrance for device modification. Cydia is the result of the Jailbreak, because of that jailbreak like the mother of the cydia.

On July is the recommended month for release the iOS 8.3 jailbreak possibility to every user who is expecting cydia. in the mean time Apple is working hard on iOS 9 and they are going to release iOS 9 major version on September,2015 as their statements which is confirmed at world wide developers conference. E asse Apple users are dreaming to gather around the new experience of iOS 9. Cydia install on iOS 9 is up coming on the stage now. Initially, from the team of keen, we did hear about iOS 9 jailbreak.

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Now all are seeing that what are the hot hot features of iOS 8.3 jailbreak. They are expecting modern features, cydia tweaks and number of apps on iOS 8.3 cydia install. Normally, jailbreaking teams out their jailbreak solution with cluster of cydia apps, tweaks and more for their cydia fans. Therefore as previously, users are hoping list of apps, tweaks via cydia download iOS 8.3. But we cannot say what are the iOS 8.3 jailbreak tweaks and apps, because you must wait until emersion month of July. iOS 8.3 jailbreak features will be update so soon.

Go through the iTunes to download iOS 8.3 manually and OTA is the other way. Actually now all users are wishing to install cydia iOS 8.3 in future so soon. So keep in mind that if you necessary to install cydia on iOS 8.3, then ignore OTA (over-the-air) method to downloading, because OTA updates will not work with jailbreak. Install iOS 8.3 on all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without any doubt. But keep in mind if you use already jailbroken iDevice, then better thing is avoiding iOS 8.3 installation till jailbreak ability confirmation.

How to downgrade iOS 8.3 to iOS 8.2

More than two months users are waiting to cydia install iOS 8.3, but yet anybody could not release iOS 8.3 jailbreak ability as officially. iOS 8.3 has released on April in this year, but it is currently available as unbroken iOS. If you purpose to downgrade iOS 8.3 anytime users can do it, because Apple did not block to enter to downgrading iOS 8.3. iOS 8.2 released with health app improvement, apple watch support, mail, maps, music and other stability improvement and list of bug fixes (map issues, Bluetooth calling issues, timezone issues, certificate error )

If you want to downgrade iOS 8.3 from iOS 8.2 then check out which is compatible device list beforehand to do downgrading.

  • iPhone – iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c
  • iPad – iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPad 3, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 2, iPad 2, iPad mini 3
  • iPod touch – 5th generation iPod touch

ios 8.3 downgrade

iOS 8.3 Downgrade from iOS 8.2 | Step by step guide

IMPORTATNT –  You must do full device backup all of your important data beforehand. When you have to face any crashing problem, then you can use backup at this moments.

Step 1 – Download correct iOS 8.2 IPSW firmware to suit with your device model number. When you take the incorrect version for firmware downgrading the iOS device will damage. Users can download iOS 8.2 from tiny size, therefore downloading will complete in few times.

Step 2 – Use the USB data cable to connect both of your device as iDevice and PC.

Step 3 – Open the iTunes.

Step 4 – Go to the device’s summary page and hold the Shift key ( windows users )

Step 5 – while holding the shift key click Restore in iTunes.

Step 6 – Find out IPSW file and extract it on your device. Now iTunes will begin to install iOS 8.2 on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Step 7 – Process is already complete. If you want to restore backup then navigate to the device summary page in iTunes and click on “Restore Backup”.

iOS 8.3 Downgrading | Video Tutorial