iPhone 7 Is Comming Soon

Apple’s next generation iPhone is expected to land in September this year, 2015. As some sources indicated that iPhone 6s to iPhone 7. However, we seem that Apple is thinking about next generation iPhone meanwhile their new generation iPod touch. iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 6, which are earlier generation’s iPhones, are only few month old, but Apple is now flying again in about Apple iPhone 7. However we are expecting to see new changes in new generation iPhone 7 than the old. We are hoping a large model to arrive over the iPhone 6 plus and as the reviewers eye, they are predicting that it will be probably be imaginative called the iPhone 6S plus.

Most prominent reviewers are regarding that next generation iPhone will include spec and feature changes without refreshing physical design. But they tell that it will be launch with Force Touch feature. According to the DigiTimes they said that iPhone 7 manufacture has gone way up for the July month. With this announcement iPhone 6S will coming on September 2015.

iphone 7

iPhone 7 Concept

As we mentioned we hoping big changes in iPhone 7, but as reviewers there are not big changes in new iPhone. However, Apple is aiming to thinner the new iPhone 7 than the other. We can see the Stereo speakers – holding into the side of the both iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 7. In iPhone 6 lus we cannot see buttons in right side but touch sensitive tap section allows to control volume. In the new iPhone there are two cameras on the back, but not for 3D pictures. Although have the ultimate HDR mode with hyper-clear sharpness.

Especially we can cannot see the headphone jack in new iPhone and all sound coming from Bluetooth or lightning port. The home button is not bigger. They aim to loss bigger home button in iPhone 7. However, now all users are waiting to accept the new iPhone 7 within easy payment.

iPhone 7 Lunch Date

Some rumors are reporting that it will be release in August or September. Most probably it will be coming on September in 2015.

iphone 7

iPhone 7 expectant Feature

If you are taking about the new iPhone 7’s features, especially we can expect camera improvements, Force Touch and speed enhancements. We cannot see visual changes in “S” upgrades, but apple enhance ability to sweeten the smartphone pot.

iPhone 7’s Screen – As reviewers, the new iPhone 7’s screen will most probably remain at 4.7 inches X 5.5 inch. Some rumors suggest that Apple is going to include sapphire display for the new iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Trailer

We expect that the new iPhone 7 will be the amazing experience for their fans. It’s new changes, features and especially it’s thinner will make enthusiasm in the users’ heart to buy the new generation iPhone. We expect that Apple’s next major mobile operating system of iOS 9 will power to the new iPhone 7. As rumours iOS 9 jailbreak ability will release by TaiG. However we know cydia lovers are flying about iPhone 7 jailbreak also before its launching. We hope to bring iPhone 7 jailbreak news with our page.