Add Additional Row Of Icons To The iPhone Dock With Docker iOS 8.4

Nowadays all cydia lovers busy with brand new cydia tweaks. With new jailbreak release, they fly on cydia tweaks, apps, themes, modes and more. iOS 8.4 jailbreak tweak is currently available to gain cydia installation on iOS 8.4 firmware. Actually cydia is the popular free application, working as an entrance to the cydia world. However, we glad to say you that brand new iOS 8.4 jailbreak tweak has just released for cydia fellows.

ios 8.4 docker

Docker iOS 8.4 is the new jailbreak tweak that let to add more apps to the dock. The dock on your iPhone’s home screen can hold up and add additional apps to it. With Docker, you can gain additional row of icons to iPhone’s dock and it accessed to the additional row for swipe up on the dock. It means that you can hide or show the additional app icon row with a simple swipe gesture. As your choice docker will hide or show the row.

Behind the Docker installation, you can see the four “+” buttons on the second row (additional row). You can add an extra apps after clicking any one of the “+” buttons. If you need to remove extra app, you have to do give simply tap and hold on the app to enter “jiggle” mode and the press “X” button. Then the app will remove from the dock and it will be place at its earlier position on the idevice home screen.

docker ios 8.4 tweak

Are you encountering the bug while using the Docker, that you could not add the apps that are on the home screen’s last row? If you need to add any app on the last row to the dock, it will be doing so hard, because Docker does not let to add last row app to the dock. So when you select the app to add for additional row, you will have to make sure that whether the app is not located on the last row of the home screen.

If you are thinking to take Docker to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, we glad to say you that you can download Docker iOS 8.4 simply. It does not require any extra configurations to installation. Actually the smooth animation of the dock will make glisten look for your idevice. I think that it also looks a lot clear than if you added more than 4 apps in to the single row on the dock.

Docker Review | Video Tutorial

Somehow, we invite all of you, enjoy with Docker.

Download Typecast iOS 8.4 jailbreak Tweak

Typecast is a new release jailbreak tweak that makes “now typing” indicator and receipt indicators join with message conversations. It will be especially good when juggling multiple conversations the the same time, because Typecast places inside the message list view. TypeStatus, a similar jailbreak tweak to Typecast. The new tweak of Typecast works with additional applications like WhatsApp,s Stock Messages app and kik. According to Typecast terms we seem that typecast stand out and provide better presentation than the TypeStatus tweak.

Now all of you can download Typecast and install on your idevice, it is currently available on $1.49. Furthermore the new tweak will allow you to manage your chatting experience with professional manner. However now you can join with the Typecast. We invite all of you to enjoy with Typecast.

ios 8.4 jailbreak tweaks

Typecast lets you to have 3 things related to now typing indicators. They are :

  • Now typing indicators on the corresponding app icon
  • Now typing indicators in the status bar
  • Now typing indicators in conversation view

When you installed typecast on your jailbroken idevice its’ preference panel can find head over to the stock iOS settings app.  There are 3 sections available inside of the preferences.

Included support apps :

  • Messages
  • WhatsApp
  • Kik.

All the above panels let you to enable status indicators of the conversation list, when someone’s typing you can appear on the app icon badge and hide the typing badge. You can change the read receipt glyph position and typing status bar glyph position. However now you can enjoy with the new jailbreak tweak of Typecast.

Typecast Review | Video Tutorial

10 New iOS 8.4 jailbreak Tweaks of the Week

Beam (Free) : You can hide the battery icon in the status bar.

ChargePulse (Free) : Pulsing effect provide to the status bar battery icon while charging.

Minimal HUD (Free) : Working as the alternative volume HUD for iOS 8.

LinkCollector ($1.49) : Delay opening links in Safari.

BIM (Free) : Browse the web using the Message app.

Prism ($1.5) : Visualizer to the iOS 8.4 music app.

SystemWide ($0.99) : Customize the iOS UI elements colors.

VideoLoop (Free) : Loop in camera roll views.

QuickDictation (Free) : Replace audio message button in message using dictation.

WAEnhancerLite8 (Free) : Additional new features to WhatsApp.

PasscodeLockViewPlus8 ($1.50) : You can customize Passcode view in lock screen.

ShiftCycle (Free) : Change the selected text case with iOS keyboard’s Shift key.

WARecentsUpdates (Free) : Display list of status updates and profile image.

Segue (Free) : Photo slideshow transitions to the stock photos app.