Updates of Apple

Apple has noted schedules a media event on upcoming 9th September to express not just new iPhones but other production refreshers, also. According to the Managing Editor of BuzzFeed San Francisco, John Paczkowski has it best forced that the press conference will present as a launchpad for next generations of iPads and iPhones .

apple updates

Furthermore there’s even a character new Apple TV hardware in tow that may be disclose during the event which held on next month. According to Apple we can hear more new Apple’s plans on that event. Most properly they will announce about iPhone 7, most of Apple fans are expecting also to know about the upcoming iPhone 7. If Apple will release the iOS 9 major version on that even it will very Pleasure for most of Apple fans because now they  are not more satisfy about iOS 8.4 because now they want a new thing and also they think that  there have some issues with iOS 8.4 like on battery life, Apple music . But there is a good thing on iOS 8.4 that is iOS 8.4 can jailbreak with Taig jailbreak but most of reviewers said that iOS 9 jailbreak will impossible.

New Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

Pleasure to say Apple will focus about Apple TV also on that event. And also will describe about the touch display and the camera system of new Apple phone because this time they have done big change on display and with the front and back camera of that phone.


Apple team should also display off for the latest iPad upgrades and long-awaited replacement to the $69 Apple TV media streaming box with the Siri language directions, about available apps on an Apple app store such as fames, an increase in on-board storage, and a faster chip also.

Apple TV may be very popular among Apple fans like Apple watch because it will be a fresh experience for most of users.

Traditionally Apple will use this event for the new iPhone and there may be another event in October to announce new iPods. Personally I’m cannot wait more because I’m also a good fan on iPhone 7 so let’s see……