Callbar iOS 9.2 – Popular Jailbreak Tweak For iPhone

Callbar is the one of the most popular cydia tweak for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that you should not miss out. With callbar you can combine with SMS, calls or any other thing without exiting from running app. No need to retire from your running event and at this same time you can pick up call or reject it using callbar. Actually, it is the great offer for you. Most fans are asking that callbar for iOS 9.2, but still we unable to download callbar iOS 9.2. But we hope it so soon.

Since iOS 9 jailbreak tool has released, a number of cydia tweaks and apps have been updated to customize iOS devices. When we prepare our favorite cydia tweak list, do not miss to add callbar. Your device should be jailbroken to get callbar for your device and it will very important for you. When you are working on a very important document on your phone, sometimes your friend will call you. Usually, you will be angry. But now no need to worry about it and continue your work or answer the call without existing your important event.


Callbar contains almost key functions to call settings or logs. You can simply go to the contact list, access log, voicemail and dialer with callbar. If you planning to do a multitasking, callbar is the best one at this moment. It can be used to change your way of calling. It can be downloaded after pay $3.99 costs. But it will useful than this cost in your life time.

As I mentioned, usually, you should stop your work to answer, dismiss or decline a call. But now you have the best app called callbar. When you receive an  incoming call callbar showing a banner notifications.

New features and improvements in Callbar v2

  • Supports for iOS 6
  • Improved visual representation of remote calling party
  • Improved minimized view
  • Deleted buttons for incoming call banner
  • Included localization for 19 languages
  • Added call-back options scroll view to lock screen
  • Changed dismiss view on lock screen to table cell
  • Included color options for extra views and keypad
  • Improved show and hide animations
  • Adjusted the label’s width
  • Added tap to answer
  • Added DTMF commands handling to dialer

Fixes in Callbar v2

  • Fixed keyboard was not showing up in contacts search field
  • Fixed Bluetooth button
  • Fixed speaker button when it does not work properly
  • Fixed blocking taps below banner when to minimize or dismiss mode
  • Fixed mute button
  • Fixed lock screen
  • Fixed proximity detector
  • Fixed sleep button

Wait with us along. We will meet again with Callbar iOS 9.2 so soon.