Introduction For Cydia Download and Latest Updates

Cydia Download and Latest Updates

Have you seen other iDevice users using special tweaks on their devices which you couldn’t find? Then most probably, those are the Cydia tweaks. Cydia is a third-party app store comes to all the iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. It is a heaven for the iDevice users who love to customize their devices with new features. All you will need is a simple jailbreak on your device. So are you interested in getting Cydia download on your device as well? Then here is our attempt give guidance about that.


What is Cydia?

Cydia is a third-party app store which comes as an alternative to the Apple app store. It contains special apps and tweaks which you can’t find from the Apple app store. This wonderful third-party app store has thousands of third-party apps, add-ons, tweaks, games, extensions, themes, etc. All these apps and tweaks are developed with amazing features so that you can add these amazing features on your device by downloading Cydia tweaks on your device.

Why download Cydia?

Apple Inc. develops and releases new versions of the iDevices every year. And Apple device fans buy these newer versions of the iDevices whenever they are released. Although these iDevices are well featured, it is no match for the amazing features you can add from the Cydia tweaks. That’s why you must download Cydia on your device, no matter whether it is an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Besides, there are many alternative apps that can be replaced with the default apps of the iDevices. Long story short, having Cydia on your iDevice means, you have everything you ever wanted on your iDevice.

Cydia Jailbreak

Cydia and Jailbreak are inseparable soul mates. The reason for that is jailbreak is the way of installing Cydia. Therefore, you can’t download Cydia on non-jailbroken iDevices. Jailbreak gives you the power to be the superuser of your own device. It accesses the iOS system files and grants you permission for higher modifications. With that opportunity, you get the chance to download third-party apps on your device and enhance the performance of the device. It also gives you the superpower to remove unwanted default apps from the device. After jailbreaking the device, you will need Cydia Installer to download third-party apps on the device.

Is it safe to use Cydia download?

Speaking of the truth, jailbreaking an iDevice voids the device warranty. But it’s no use of having a device warranty if you can’t do what you want with the device, right? So you can forget about that fact. Jailbreak is also a risky task so that you have to carefully follow the instructions when you are jailbreaking the device because a single wrong step may completely brick your device. However, if you follow the jailbreak and Cydia download instructions properly, you won’t meet any threats to your device.

Cydia download – Current Status

The recently released iOS version is the iOS 12.1 and there is not released or demoed Cydia Jailbreak version for that. But at this moment, the jailbreak and Cydia developers are developing it hoping to release to the public soon. iOS 12 is the latest released major version to the iOS family. Lucky for the Cydia fans, jailbreak developers have already jailbroken the latest iOS 12.

The famous Alibaba Pandora labs, Luca Todesco at Yalu team, and Pangu team have released information about the jailbroken iOS 12. They have clearly shown their success towards the Cydia Jailbreak iOS 12. However, it is not yet available for public use. Speaking of which, the latest publicly available jailbreak tool is the Electra jailbreak tool. It is fully compatible with iOS 11-11.1.2 and iOS 11.2-11.3.1 devices with the Cydia Installer.

Benefits of Cydia Installer

  • Cydia offers you feature-rich third-party apps, tweaks, add-ons, and extensions for iDevices. All these have the ability to add bonus features and functionality to the devices.
  • It’s a fact that most of the smart device users fed up of the device’s look when using the same set of themes on the device. Lucky for you, Cydia store has the latest updated themes which can add a new look to your devices.
  • Cydia brings you the latest and advanced games for the game lovers. So if you are ad addicted gamer who loves to try more new games, this is the best chance for you.
  • Cydia download is completely free of charge and it offers you all these facilities for free of charge. So you don’t have to bother spending money to purchase apps on your device.

Developer Credits

The famous software engineer which is also a businessman named Jay Freeman Saurik is the developer of the Cydia Installer. He distributes Cydia all over the world and we get these amazing Cydia tweaks because of him. Therefore, if there is anyone who should be given a credit, that’s him.

Cydia Download iOS 8.3 iPhone Free

All cydia lovers always try to take cydia on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch within successful jailbreak. Actually cydia is the free application that lets to download your favorite apps, tweaks, modes, themes and much more to modify your iDevice with glamorous look. iOS 8.3 idevices users also can download cydia, because iOS 8.3 unjailbroken period has ended by TaiG. The team of TaiG is the most popular jailbreak hacking team, up came with their simple, easy and successful jailbreak technique. TaiG v2.4.3 is their latest jailbreak software, announced to jailbreak iOS 8.4 – iOS 8.1.3 iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. If you have an iPhone running on iOS 8.3, you can use TaiG v2.4.3 tool to cydia download iOS 8.3.

As I mentioned cydia is the best free application that installed at the end of the jailbreak proceed. I think that you know, some jailbreak technologies out without cydia installation at the end of the process. With them you should install cydia manually on your iDevice within other steps. But with TaiG jailbreak users can install cydia automatically after jailbreak, without manually install. Hence you can install cydia iOS 8.3 following our complete instructions.

ios 8.3 cydia download

Cydia Download iOS 8.3 Compatible iOS Device Models

  • iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s
  • iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad mini, iPad mini with retina, iPad mini 3, iPad Air, iPad Air 2
  • 5th generation iPod touch

How to prepare my iOS 8.3 iPhone to Download Cydia

  • You should keep device backup as the escape plan prior to the starting using iTunes or iCloud. Backup will important when you are facing data losing.
  • “Find my iPhone” and “Passcode or Touch ID” features should be disabled before the process. Go to the settings app in your iOS 8.3 iPhone to change configurations.
  • Enable Airplane mode in the settings app and don’t forget to disable all anti-virus programs which are installed for protect your data.

How to Download Cydia iOS 8.3 iPhone Free | Step Guide

Step 1 : Download TaiG jailbreak latest version (2.4.3) from the TaiG’s company web site.

Step 2 : Attach your iPhone to PC using USB cable.

Step 3 : Open the taig jailbreak tool as admin. You must wait until complete device detect.

Step 4 : Uncheck 3k assistant option from jailbreak window that you have saw after device detect.

Step 5 : Don’t touch anything until complete the process. Device will reboot at once after showing “Jailbreak Succeeded” message you.

Cydia Download iOS 8.3 iPhone, iPad, iPod touch – Video Tutorial

TaiG iOS 8.3 Jailbreak

In nearly day TaiG Chinese jailbreak community has stopped iOS 8.3 non-jailbreak period.  iOS 8.3 has released on July 2015 by Apple. The Chinese team of TaiG could release TaiG 8.3 untethered jailbreak behind the iOS 8.3 release. More than two months any jailbreak team could not prepare iOS 8.3 to the cydia installation. TaiG v2.0 jailbreak pushed out for cydia download iOS 8.3 to iOS 8.1.3 with windows support.

Soon after the TaiG 8.3 jailbreak release, a number of users reported an error message informing that “Apple Driver has not been found please download and install iTunes”. Most users said that the iTunes error message came on the screen while performing TaiG jailbreak version of 2.0. Now TaiG answered that issue. They indicated that issue is affecting windows PCs which are having low-end and older video card. Don’t worry for it and follow us for fix that iTunes error.

taig 8.3 jailbreak

How to Fix “Apple Driver has not been found error”

Install the 64-bit iTunes 12.1.2 for windows for older video card to fix this “Apple Driver has not been found” issue.

  • Download iTunes 12.1.2
  • Press on the itunes64setup.exe file
  • Follow the instruction to install iTunes as you do the installation normally.

How to Jailbreak iOS 8.3 using TaiG v2.0 jailbreak

Beforehand to begin the TaiG jailbreak you must observe some important points. Don’t forget to take backup of your all important data. If you have to face device data loss, then you can use the data backup for restore your device to take as previous status.

You must end both “Passcode or Touch ID” and “Find my iPhone” options through the Settings application. Enable the “ mode of “Airplane” from your idevice. You must hamstring every anti-virus programs before run the jailbreak process, because sometimes virus protector will detect the jailbreak proceed as a virus and then close the entrance of the jailbreak.

Step 1 – Download TaiG v2.0 jailbreak – When you choose the TaiG version to download, please be careful. Don’t be incur to cheated fake download versions, because it will be a main reason for your device crashes.

Step 2 – Connect both of your iDevice and PC through the USB data transfer cable

Step 3 – Find out the TaiG file from the downloaded location and open it. It will spend few times to cognize your device.

Step 4 – Commence to the TaiG jailbreak with “START” Key after remove the option of “3K Assitant” from cydia.

Stpe 5 – Device will reboot immediately after complete the jailbreak progress bar. Then you can see the cydia icon.

TaiG 8.3 Jailbreak Video Preview

Untethered jailbreak iOS 8.3 with Taig

Jailbreak iOS 8.3



Taig just released untethered jailbreak iOS 8.3 as we expected. It is Taig 2.0 jailbreak. So warmly welcome all of you to upgrade your devices and jailbreak iOS 8.3 with Taig’s new arrival. It supports another few iOS versions as well. But Taig tool only can be work with Windows running computers. So if you are a Mac user and need to jailbreak your iOS 8.3 device, you have to use Windows. By the way this has became a solemn as it is the latest jailbreak version of Taig who deserved to jailbreak iOS 8 – iOS 8.1.2 and also the only tool we reach after a long time without a new jailbreak tool. So now you are allow to download Cydia to get more from your iOS 8.3 device.

Even though Pangu announced that they are going to release jailbreak iOS 8.3, Taig is the one who could release it surprisingly. So because of that may be Pangu’s tool wills jailbreak iOS 8.4. So still we have a wish on jailbreak iOS 8.4 as it will be the next majoe iOS version of Apple. By the way now it is time to jailbreak and Cydia download on your iOS 8.3 device.

Taig 2.0 jailbreak compatible iOS versions:

  • iOS 8.3
  • iOS 8.2
  • iOS 8.1.3

So as I mentioned with Taig 2.0 jailbreak your device must not to be the iOS 8.3. This cans jailbreak iOS 8.1.3 and iOS 8.2 as well.

iOS 8.3 devices:

  • iPhone 6plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s.
  • iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2.
  •  iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, iPad mini.
  • iPod touch 5G.

How to jailbreak iOS 8.3 with Taig:

    1. First of all you have to take a backup of your iDevice.
    2. Download Taig 2.0 jailbreak on your Windows PC.
    3. Immobilize lock codes and Find My iPhone.
    4. Connect your device to PC.
    5. Run Taig 2.0 and wait until it to detect your device.
    6. Then keep only Cydia checked on.
    7. After that start the process.
    8. Then Taig jailbreak will complete the process.
    9. After all find whether the Cydia App downloaded on your device and launch it.

Download iOS 8.3 and install on your Apple Device

After number of betas finally Apple released to download iOS 8.3 on April in this year to all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch masses with listed of bug fixes, features and performance enhancements. The emoji system features has been expanded on iOS 8.3. There are more than 300 icons to modify conversation. iOS 8.3 download has repaired all bugs in all previous versions.  Apple gave attention to Wi-Fi, Safari, Bluetooth, orientation and message issues via iOS 8.3. Download iOS 8.3 and join with new experience of Apple’s.

There are two entries to download iOS 8.3 on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. First one is users can enter to the downloading through the OTA (over-the-air). Navigate in to Settings apps > General and click Software Update. Second one is iTunes.

jailbreak ios 8.3

How to download iOS 8.3 using iTunes

Step 1 – Connect your Apple device and computer using USB data transfer cord.

Step 2 – Click device button at the top right corner in iTunes.

Step 3 – Click on “Check for Update” and if the iOS 8.3 is available it will download and install mechanically.

Step 4 – Device will show the popup message on your device home screen to inform that new firmware of iOS 8.3 is available. Then press on “Download and Update” key.

Step 5 – Hold on SHIFT key (windows) OPTION key (Mac) and press on “Check for Update”.

Step 6 – Wait for iOS 8.3 verify with Apple and then click “Update” button.

Step 7 – Now you can see the iOS 8.3 release note on your device screen then click “Next” and “Agree” to continue the process.

Step 8 Now firmware is downloaded via iTunes on your device and then it will be processed and extracted. Prepare your device suit to the updating and finally update will be install on your device.

Step 9 – Wait for complete iOS firmware installation and then device will reboot automatically. Don’t disconnect USB connection until complete the whole process.

Step 10 – The process is complete now.

Video Tutorial for iOS 8.3 Update

If you are already jailbreak user, STAY OUT iOS 8.3 updating, because there is currently no jailbreak tool available to install cydia iOS 8.3. iOS 8.1.2 was the latest jailbroken firmware. If you have an idevice running on iOS 8.1.2 or older version, so we invite you to install cydia with jailbreak and take cydia experience. Care about your jailbroken firmware until jailbreak iOS 8.3 in future.

iOS 8.3 Untethered Jailbreak Features and Commendation

All jailbreak finders are busy right now on iOS 8.3 jailbreak. Number of jailbreak hacking groups need to do in tit for tat challenge with Pangu, because Pangu is prominent jailbreak society which is could released the first announcement about iOS 8.2 cydia install at Mobile Security Conference. They gave big dream to all cydia lovers and they could be a challenge for all hacking teams. Cydia is the main aim of every jailbreakers and cydia fellows, because cydia is like the entrance for device modification. Cydia is the result of the Jailbreak, because of that jailbreak like the mother of the cydia.

On July is the recommended month for release the iOS 8.3 jailbreak possibility to every user who is expecting cydia. in the mean time Apple is working hard on iOS 9 and they are going to release iOS 9 major version on September,2015 as their statements which is confirmed at world wide developers conference. E asse Apple users are dreaming to gather around the new experience of iOS 9. Cydia install on iOS 9 is up coming on the stage now. Initially, from the team of keen, we did hear about iOS 9 jailbreak.

ios 83 jailbreak

Now all are seeing that what are the hot hot features of iOS 8.3 jailbreak. They are expecting modern features, cydia tweaks and number of apps on iOS 8.3 cydia install. Normally, jailbreaking teams out their jailbreak solution with cluster of cydia apps, tweaks and more for their cydia fans. Therefore as previously, users are hoping list of apps, tweaks via cydia download iOS 8.3. But we cannot say what are the iOS 8.3 jailbreak tweaks and apps, because you must wait until emersion month of July. iOS 8.3 jailbreak features will be update so soon.

Go through the iTunes to download iOS 8.3 manually and OTA is the other way. Actually now all users are wishing to install cydia iOS 8.3 in future so soon. So keep in mind that if you necessary to install cydia on iOS 8.3, then ignore OTA (over-the-air) method to downloading, because OTA updates will not work with jailbreak. Install iOS 8.3 on all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without any doubt. But keep in mind if you use already jailbroken iDevice, then better thing is avoiding iOS 8.3 installation till jailbreak ability confirmation.

iOS 8.3 Downgrade no longer possible because iOS 8.3 jailbreak coming soon

Nowadays all cydia lovers are busy to find out iOS 8.3 jailbreak possibilities. Until to confirm the ability of install cydia on iOS 8.3, users are waiting in agog. Meanwhile some users are trying to downgrade iOS 8.3 to iOS 8.2. Apple has released iOS 8.3 firmware to download on April this year. Since April more than two months, cydia lovers could not possible to install cydia on iOS 8.3. Because of that reason they allured to downgrade iOS 8.3. They stay out iOS 8.3 and trying to reach iOS 8.2, but do not forget iOS 8.2 also available as unbroken iOS. It means you cannot take cydia on iOS 8.2 still.

In nearly day Mobile Security Conference 2015 held in Shanghai. In this conference the team of Pangu revealed the important secret as iOS 8.3 jailbreak. They gave big hope on all cydia cydia lovers hearts with their statements. Pangu confirmed iOS 8.3 jailbreak on July. They said that Pangu iOS 8.3 jailbreak tool will release on July 2015.

ios 8.3 downgrading

Pangu is the advanced jailbreak tool according to the jailbreak history. iOS 8 jailbroken prestige appropriated by Pangu team. It is the best untethered jailbreak tool and millions of Pangu fans attested to their success. Pangu brand name is famous day by day with their jailbreak technique. Simple, untethered and transparent. Pangu jailbreak compatible device list given in below,

iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and iPod touch 5G

As we mentioned iOS 8.2 is currently stage on as non-jailbroken iOS. Therefore users cannot install cydia on iOS 8.2. After consider that all reasons, we advise you to avoid iOS 8.3 downgrade until on July, because iOS 8.3 downgrade no longer possible. Pangu confirmed that they are going to release the tool to jailbreak iOS 8.3. So don’t haste to downgrade iOS 8.3. Apple facilitated to download iOS 8.3 on iTunes or OTA with plenty of features and bug fixes.

How To Jailbreak iOS 8.3 Untethered

iOS 8.3 jailbreak is the next upcoming jailbreak solution to jailbreak world. More than two or three months cydia users couldn’t install cydia with new jailbreak update. iOS 8.1.2 is the final jailbroken operating system. After that Apple has released their latest mobile operating systems including beta and major versions like iOS 8.2, iOS 8.3, iOS 8.4 beta collection and finally they updated iOS 9 beta 1. We know now all users expected iOS 8.2 jailbreak, but their dreams did not come true yet. With Pangu’s announcement, now all users are dreaming to install cydia on iOS 8.3 even this time. However we must stay until confirm iOS 8.3 jailbreak tool to install cydia.

Pangu is the advanced jailbreak community in the jailbreak filed who has done disclosure about untethered iOS 8.3 jailbreak in first time. Already they have indicated that their Pangu iOS 8.3 jailbreak review at the Mobile Security Conference. Users can be expecting iOS 8.3 on July 2015, because they told that they are trying to reach iOS 8.3 jailbreak tool to users on month of July.

ios 8.3 untethered jailbreak

iOS 8.3 Jailbreak Compatible Devices

  • iPhone  models – iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus
  • iPad models – iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad mini, second generation iPad mini, iPad mini 3, iPad Air and second generation iPad Air
  • iPod touch models – fifth generation iPod touch

How to Jailbreak iOS 8.3

Take full device backup of your all private data using iTunes or iCloud. Backup will help you to restore your device data when your device crash with your mistake.

Download iOS 8.3 jailbreak tool. When you download jailbreak tools please be careful to avoid fake cheated versions. Perhaps incorrect versions will break your iDevice system.

Connect both your iDevice and PC using USB data Cable. When you choose the USB data transfer cable please take have proper working cable. Then you can prevent connection breakdowns.

Stay few minutes until compete device recognize by jailbreak tool.

Follow the instructions and click “START” to continue jailbreak program. Jailbreak progress bar is starting to fill.

You Device will become reboot mode mechanically at the end of the jailbreak program. Cydia key will appear on your iDevice home screen after that proceed.

Manually Install iOS 8.3 On your iPhone, iPad and iPod | Video Proof

Will An iOS 8.3 Jailbreak Matter In July?

Now all users are keeping their attentiveness towards iOS 8.3 jailbreak. We know now they agog to accept the new jailbreak tool. More than two months cydia lovers did not see any jailbreak tool, therefore the new jailbreak tool will provide consolation on their hearts. The new untethered iOS 8.3 jailbreak tool’s deadline is on July 2015. The first announcement about iOS 8.3 jailbreak is unveiled at the Mobile Security Conference 2015 in Shanghai by Pangu hacking community. Pangu said that the new tool will launch out on 7 month of this year, but we cannot sure about that until it announce officially.

Some reports indicated in nearly day that in same time Pangu continues to working hardly on iOS 8.4 jailbreak through this iOS 8.3 cydia download confirmation. Perhaps now Pangu will be at the corner of the iOS 8.3 jailbreak, therefore they start to work for iOS 8.4 jailbreak. However Apple owners may be in a big dilemma, because if Pangu release both jailbreak iOS 8.3 and iOS 8.4 then in same raw Apple’s two operating systems will break download with cydia. All cydia lovers are always awaiting to see particularly when will be confirm iOS 8.3 cydia download ability.

iOS 8.3 jailbreak

As rumours Pangu is starting to work on an iOS 8.4 and iOS 8.3 jailbreak. Pangu is the only jailbreak community working for both jailbreak as now TaiG focuses on iOS 9 jailbreak. The team of keen, upcoming from China announced for users about iOS 9 jailbreak so soon. They confirmed that the tool will push out eventually of the iOS 9 release. iOS 9 is seem the challenge iOS jailbreak, because Apple may improve a new security feature called “Rootless”. As review it will be the killer of the jailbreak. Protect sensitive data, extensions and work for prevent malware as the main aims of Rootless.

Therefore I think jailbreakers may be the intelligent to enter to the iOS 9 security system and find vulnerabilities. However now our main purpose to install cydia iOS 8.3 so soon. Contac t iTunes to Download iOS 8.3 on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Jailbreak Community is Waiting to release iOS 8.3 Jailbreak

As some sources, the iOS 8.3 jailbreak may be upcoming on July. On April this year Apple’s iOS 8.3 has push out to all their fellows with number of features and improvements. Now all users are expecting untethered jailbreak for iOS 8.3 and they hope to install cydia iOS 8.3 with ton of cydia tweaks. Jailbreak is like a entrance to the cydia. Cydia is the third party application that can be support to download all your favorite apps, games and more which are cannot find out from Apple store. Apple included only their unique apps and others. So cydia is like the friend of users to take their favorites.

Within this few days, a user called @Comex stated a video on his twitter account of the Apple Watch running on a Safari browsers. Some reporters indicated that this could mean there is an expectant jailbreak for the unjailbroken iOS 8.3.

ios 8.3 jailbreak pangu

The Mobile Security Conference, commonly known as MOSEC 2015 is held on nearly day in Shanghai. At MOSEC, the elite jailbreak crew of Pangu revealed the ability of iOS 8.3 Pangu jailbreak. It mean, already they confirm iOS 8.3 jailbreak, but it does not open to public. I know this is the very glad news for all cydia lovers, but we are not sure if the team will be announce this tool to the public or when they will release this tool.

Nowadays Apple start to release iOS 8.4 beta and currently iOS 8.4 beta 4, beta 3, beta 2 and beta 1 available on Apple Dev Center. iOn1c, the famous jailbreak hacker and researcher Stefan Essar posted a video on YouTube to show jailbroken iPhone 6 plus. Especially point is the iPhone running on iOS 8.4 beta 1. But acutually iOn1c jailbreaker will probably couldn’t jailbreak iOS 8.4 beta 1, because any user who is make attention on this video, they can see actually the video running with iOS 8.4 beta 1 release preview.

iOS 8.4 is just around the corner, so I think this time is not the best time for iOS 8.3 releasing. A member of the Pangu jailbreak team, Daniel_4K posted to Weibo about the ability of jailbreak.

ios 8.3 jailbreak download

However, now users have one hope about iOS 8.3 jailbreak on July. In nearly day Apple’s iOS 8.4 will confirm and after that we can see the result of iOS 8.4 jailbreak.