Apple Watch Jailbreak

Apple has introduced a amazing experience for all their fellows with Apple Watch. Apple watch is the latest modification in this time. I think it is one of the best wearable device which is take many more usable features anywhere anytime at your wrist. While Apple Watch rolled out, all fellows try to jailbreak Apple Watch like Apple iPhone. Apple watch running on Watch OS. Its’ technology and features will completely new experience for all users. I think not only users, all jailbreak developers and cydia lovers will take new experience via Apple Watch jailbreak. This time, there’s no third party apps, jailbreak tweaks, themes developed in Apple Watch. One day It will be a most interesting wearable device after Apple watch jailbreak and install cydia.

Day by day Apple Watch is getting famous among all around the world, because it is a newest product in the market. I think after Apple Watch jailbreak, the brand will come up among the other products. The well known person of Stefan Essar has tagged a tweet on his twitter page that he is not working for Apple Watch Jailbreak. Otherwise, iOn1c said that he also not interested about Apple watch jailbreak.

apple watch jailbreak

Download TaiG for jailbreak iOS 8.x

Taig jailbreak download

For the first time, Comex is the JailbreakMe developer, seemed jailbroken Apple Watch via video demo. Apple Watch producer of Apple, does not give permission yet to run a web browser on the Apple Watch, because practically cannot open webs on Apple Watch’s small screen.  But Comex’s video he shows that web browser running on the Apple Watch.

I think Comex is hacked Apple Watch. He is one of the real person who is jailbreak Apple Watch. But he does not give publish for his work. No any article about Apple Watch jailbreak from Comex. Only video tutorial updated by him. Comex is the best jailbreaker who is famous in history for succeeded jailbreak tools. Therefore we can keep hope his Apple Watch Jailbreak tool.

Video Tutorial for Apple Watch Jailbreak

The latest Apple’s brand of Apple Watch will increase your personality. Customize your device stock watch faces, themes, applications and time out settings with jailbroken Apple Watch. This is the highest wearable brand of the world.