Readiness for Jailbreak iOS 11

At the last WWDC 2017 conference, Apple developers have revealed about their iOS 11 firmware chapter. Of course, at the end of the session, they have launched the first developer-only beta version. And then attentively they have offered several test versions to the developers and the public tester. After ten test versions, finally, they have launched the giant firmware edition to the public on the last 19th of September. Of course, after the 11th chapter release to the public, now it has become a more newsy event. In the moment we could able to find more discussions related to the features, availability and the ability to jailbreak iOS 11. OK, here I have briefly gathered all the things in a brief note.

jailbreak iOS 11

Route for iOS 11

As I noted above the iOS 11 chapter has started its root at the last WWDC Conference. After that, attentively with several beta editions the firmware editions performance and stability have improved. As a result of that, at the end of the Apples September event Keynote, on the last 12th of September, they have released the GM version of the iOS 11 to the developers and public testers. And finally, the chapter has lived onwards 19th September. And when we further concern about the September Keynote they have introduced more latest Apple products including iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. among them iPhone X has become the major release. And Keep in mind all of those iPhone models are with the giant iOS 11 firmware edition.

Pretty iOS 11 features

When we have a look back at the past iOS history with the all iOS firmware editions they try to offer more latest features for their users. Based on that, in this time also, the Apple Engineers have the focus to offer more attractive features for their beloved iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users, to enjoy the fresh experience. So, as an iOS user, would you like to know the iOS 11 Feature before you download iOS 11? Ok, then here we go.

  • App Store has redesigned with horizontal Swiping list
  • Do not disturb while driving feature for the Car Play App
  • Make it easy to type with the new One-handed Keyboard
  • More natural male and female voice type to Siri and more other improvements for Siri App
  • New indoor maps available in the Map app for Airports and shopping malls
  • One screen control Center with more Customizing features
  • Redesigned Lock screen with Switch to unlock Feature
  • Status Bar got new icons

Well, there were more other hundreds of features and changes available. so, if you wish to know more then, the Below video will lead you for that.



After one week of the giant firmware release, Yesterday again they have released another updated version for the firmware. Of course, according to the remaining facts with this, they have focused to offer some bug fixes and performance improvements. So, if you wish to have them, then you have the access to download iOS 11.0.1 for your iDevice.

Quiddity for Jailbreak iOS 11

Well, now when we turn into the iOS jailbreak community most of the jailbreak users are now eager to enjoy the jailbreak access with the latest giant firmware edition. So, when we consider the all possible facts, in the moment we couldn’t able to find any possible details for that. Of course, all of us know at the Past MOSEC 2017, the Keen team has demoed about iOS 11 jailbreak. Yeah, after that, no hackers got success to find a way to enter into the system. and the Keen Lab haven’t focus to offer a final cracking tool. On the ground, with the remaining features, we can’t predict what will really happen in the future.

jailbreak iOS 11

Though, if you head to the Cydia community you could able to find a large number of Cydia apps and Tweaks available in relation to the features of iOS 11. so, enjoy them while a worthy tool enters into the system. So, till that, in my points of view, it is better to stay tuned for your present jailbroken chapter, till any latest tool arrives.

And as I mentioned now the iOS community is a newsy place. So, if you wish to know more, then you can stay tuned with us.