TaiG Untethered iOS 9 Jailbreak

Nowadays Apple is working hard on iOS 9. First beta version of iOS 9 released as their first step. Step by step Apple is trying to reach their aim. According to rumours iOS 8.4 is the final version of iOS 8 operating system. It means Apple is going to stop iOS 8 and drive their operating system towards iOS 9. Therefore users can expect number of new improvements and features via iOS 9 release. At the Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference,2015 Apple confirmed iOS 9’s release date as on September, 2015. After that iOS 9 jailbreak rumours are spreading via internet.

In nearly day the elite jailbreak crew called Keen team commonly known as K33n spoke with Forbes and the team said that they purposed to push out iOS 9 keen jailbreak tool after iOS 9 release date in September. In the same raw, some websites reported the team of TaiG confirmed iOS 9 cydia install solution officially and it will be handover to public after the iOS 9 releasing.

jailbreak ios 9

TaiG is the succeeded jailbreak tool brand name in the history of the jailbreak. the team has arose from China. TaiG brand name started to famous with their untethered jailbreak tools day by day. Every TaiG jailbreak  programs came out with number of jailbreak features, tweaks and app. I think that is the main reason for their success. But TaiG has begun to fail since iOS 8.1.3 jailbreak. Since TaiG could not update their tools. Although again TaiG is going to update TaiG jailbreak tool for iOS 9.

As some sources, TaiG confirmed cydia download iOS 9 compatible devices. Including iPhone 6 and iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPad Air 1, iPad Air 2, iPad 4, iPad 3 they indicated as iOS 9 jailbreak utility supporting device list.

Actually, jailbreak is like a silent war. We did see already two teams like Keen and TaiG have confirmed iOS 9 jailbreak release date. Reviewers predicated that iOS 9 jailbreak will make big change in jailbreak history. I think it will come true because already Keen and TaiG accepted iOS 9 jailbreak challenge. let we see who will hack Rootless security feature.

Rootless will prevent iOS 9 Keen Jailbreak ability?

Now all users know about the Apple’s next mobile operating system of iOS 9. Apple started iOS 9 testing period with iOS 9 beta 1 launching. Earlier of iOS 9 releasing, most reviewers indicated concerning its features, improvements and other bug fixes. They repeatedly said about Rootless that they cannot the feature will be the main risk for iOS 9 jailbreak. Additionally they said that Rootless is like a protection gate for sensitive data and all extensions exist in your device. Therefore they deduced that Rootless is the main reason of the iOS 9 jailbreak impossible.

Rootless is the main upcoming security feature on iOS 9 operating system. Apple’s main aim is prevent all jailbreak capabilities. Therefore they are working hard to improve their iOS 9 security system. They will hope to fertilize their aim via Rootless.

download ios 9

According to that reviews, most Jailbreak researchers intend that iOS 9 jailbreak will impossible. But in nearly day a jailbreak community who is coming named on Keen team pushed out the announcement and they said with Forbes that “We ready to release iOS 9 jailbreak tool so soon after iOS 9 release to public officially”.

All jailbreak hackers are trying to reach iOS 9 untethered jailbreak. All of them aim to find to solution to install cydia on iOS 9. However, iOS 8.3 jailbreak can be expect on July from Pangu, but we cannot sure until it confirm officially. Some reviewers indicated that this is the wrong time to push out iOS 8.3 jailbreak, because iOS 8.4 releasing is just around the corner.

However according to keen team’s statement, we seem that they will ready to win jailbreak impossibility. Actually jailbreak is the big competition among the jailbreakers. Sometimes Keen team will win the game. As some sources iOS 9 jailbreak will be the big challenge.

Apple expect to comprise new features on iOS 9. Trusted Wi-Fi, iCloud drive, significant features for map, speed up iDevice, Homekit app improvements, easy way to contact list, Swift, music streaming and personal assistant like a mainly recognize feature of iOS 9.

Apple’s iOS 9 beta 1 Download Confirmed With New Features

Finally iOS 9 beta 1 released by Apple on June 8, 2015. The version is currently can be download from Apple Dev Center. Registration as developer must be need to download iOS 9 beta 1 through Apple Dev Center otherwise OTA the other way. Reviewers predicted that Apple is going to be introduced new features via iOS 9 and now it is coming true, because list of features launched with iOS 9 beta 1. Be expect the next generation major mobile operating system iOS 9 and wait for iOS 9 cydia download so soon.

ios 9 download

New Features of iOS 9 beta 1

Proactive Assistant

“Proactive Assistant” is the usable feature which is included in iOS 9 beta 1. Proactive Assistant powered to do ton of actions on anytime anywhere.

For examples Calendar events are automatically creating for restaurant booking and reservations so soon.

If you got a call from unknown number then you can see who might be calling with number included email.

ios 9 feature

If you got a contact number with email, then it will be automatically added to your original contact menu.

When you turn on your iPhone in the morning, then iOS 9 will decide which app you should open and it will shows your daily routine in the morning to night.

Users can connect their iPhone to car or headphones and with new feature of proactive assistant will allows to enter music playlist or audiobook easily.


Siri is working with videos and photos stored on your iPhone. Users can show all their photos will be center and front within few seconds with Siri. Even Siri is now better with location. According to Apple “Like a great assistant, your device can now anticipate what you want to do next based on your location, the time, what app you have open, or what you’re connected to.”

download ios 9

Advanced Spotlight Search

The feature allows to you see those you talked to latest, those you are next expect to meet and all contacts. Even users can see categories of places nearby. Like fun, shopping, food and etc.

Suggested apps are shows what you are most likely. For example if you read gossips habitually in the every morning then your gossips app shows up in the search screen at the time you normally wake up.

download ios 9 beta

Stay with us along for iOS 9 jailbreak info.

iOS 9 Jailbreak | Coming Soon!

All Apple fellows can download cydia on iOS 9 with jailbreak or otherwise without jailbreak. Using Safari brows you can download only cydia icon on your iPhone home screen. If you think to download cydia iOS 9 with jailbreak, then you must wait until launch iOS 9 jailbreak tool. iOS 9 is the next expectant iOS software update of Apple’s. Reviewers are indicating iOS 9 will do a cataclysm in the operating system world. As unconfirmed reports Apple will commute their iOS security system with improved security technology.

World Wide Developer Conference commonly known as WWDC is the Apple’s main conference which will be hold on next month. Most jailbreak hackers and iOS reviewers are staying attentively about iOS 9 confirmation. All cydia lovers are expecting iOS 9 cydia download so soon. All Apple users are waiting to join with new iOS technology are list of new feature, benefits and many more. However, we know all jailbreakers will work hard to one aim. iOS 9 jailbreak will be the one and main aim of all jailbreak hackers.

ios 9 jailbreak

As I mentioned in previous para about you can download cydia on iOS 9 with jailbreak or otherwise without jailbreak. Do you know that what I mean? Cydia is the third party application that can be download at the end of the jailbreak concept. The application will let to download all your favorite tweaks, apps, games and many more to modify your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Users can download only cydia icon on their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch home screens. Only require Safari browsers to do this. Open Safari Brows and extract [http://www.ios9cydia.com] page. Click up arrow. Tap on “Add to Home screen” to save cydia icon. Type the name of Cydia to icon name and click “Add”. Cydia will shows on your iDevice home screen.

Until confirm iOS 9 officially, jailbreak hacker will push out jailbreak tool for iOS 9 cydia download. Download iOS 9 jailbreak tool on your computer and connect both of your iPhone and PC. Then start to run the jailbreak program as an administrator. Wait for tool complete recognize your device. Then click start jailbreak. Your device is successfully jailbroken.

You must wait with us until confirm iOS 9 officially. Hopefully, iOS 9 often on June 8, 2015 or so soon.

How To Download Cydia Icon On iOS 9 Without Jailbreak

Cydia is the main target in all iDevice users. At the end of the every iOS release, all cydia fellows gather to find out jailbreak and cydia install utility. They are always waiting to install cydia and take jailbreak tweaks to do their iDevice customization. Now all cydia lovers are finding about iOS 9 cydia download before iOS 9 announce officially. Now users can download cydia via two ways. first one is users can use official jailbreak tool to jailbreak iOS 9 or second one is users can download only cydia icon from Safari browser.

9 cydia

As some unconfirmed sources reported that iOS 9 cydia download perfectly work with below iPhone, iPad and iPod touch :
  • iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 4s
  • iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2
  • iPad mini 1, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3
  • iPad Air 1, iPad Air 2
  • iPod touch – fifth generation

Step by step guide for Cydia icon download on iOS 9

  1. Open Safari browser on your iOS 9 iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  2. Open [http://www.ios9cydia.com] page on your Safari browser and then click Up arrow at the bottom of the screen.
  3. You must click on “Add to Home Screen” option to save the icon of Cydia.
  4. Give name to app as CYDIA then click “Add” button.
  5. The icon of Cydia will appear on your iDevice home screen.

9 jailbreak

iOS 9 Cydia has mainly 6 categories :

  • Manage
  • Search
  • Messages
  • Home
  • Sections
  • Changes

Cydia iOS 9 Tweaks

  • Cydia Tweaks for alarm
  • Notification dismiss tweaks
  • Mac unlock tweaks (users can unlock their Mac using iPhone)
  • Tweaks for control center

Download iOS 9 with new features and improvements

As reviewers they indicated that iOS 9 will be the major mobile operating system among Apple’s iOS collection. Apple’s new expectant technology including security system as the main reason which is they indicated. Surely Apple will introduce new usable features and they will plan to enhance their abilities via iOS 9. Like,

  • Speed up your iDevice
  • HomeKit App to manage device
  • Music streaming feature
  • Stability of Maps
  • Entries to user contact lists
  • iCloud Drive
  • Trusted Wi-Fi
  • Swift – Small app size
  • Personal Assistant Feature

iOS 9 Download | Release Date, iOS 9 Features and iOS 9 Jailbreak Status Update

Now all users are expecting Apple’s iOS 9. As some reviewers this is the major mobile operating system than the other iOS updates. According to their reviews iOS 9 ready to introduce new security technology, list of bug fixes and various improvements and enhanced performance. Hopefully iOS 9 jailbreak so soon.

iOS 9 Release Date

According to prediction iOS 9 is the next major mobile operating system of Apple. As some unconfirmed sources Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference WWDC will be hold on June 8 to June 12, 2015 in San Francisco. Reviewers predict that sometimes iOS 9 will release at WWDC. So it means iOS 9 will release on June 8 or after soon. Ready to join with Apple’s next major iOS experience.

cydia 9

iOS 9 Download

After confirm the release date officially all users who are iOS fellows can download iOS 9 on their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for upgrading. After enter the Apple Dev Center all users can take iOS 9 beta versions. iOS 9 major version can download go through iTunes or otherwise can use OTA path to update software. But you must know, OTA updates do not work with jailbreak process. So the better way is iTunes to all software updates.

iOS 9 Features

Actually Apple’s all iOS versions updated with introducing list of user features, bug fixes and various improvements. Like pre iOS versions, the new expectant iOS 9 will launch with many more improvements and features. Reviewers indicated that “Rootless” is the main feature which is expectant as security feature. According to prediction Rootless will prevent all jailbreak abilities and it will safe extensions, sensitive data and against to malware. Therefore reviewers indicate sometimes iOS 9 jailbreak will be impossible. Rootless is the huge kernel level feature for both iOS and OS X.


Trusted Wi-Fi and iCloud Drive are additionally features which are expecting. Apple planned to prevent all W-Fi connection problems with Trusted Wi-Fi feature. With this new feature users can connect wireless routers without any doubt. iCloud Drive is the another expectant feature that introduce faster syncing and better end of encryption.

iOS 9 jailbreak

users can’t jailbreak iOS 9 before confirm iOS 9 officially. According to rumours iOS 9 jailbreak will impossible. However let see who win iOS 9 cydia download game.

Ready To Get Top iOS 9 Jailbreak Cydia Tweaks

If you want to join with new iOS experience? Then be expect Apple’s next generation major mobile operating system iOS 9 coming soon. I think it will be the amazing experience for all Apple users. iOS 9 cydia download is the next question all of yours. Hopefully after Apple confirm iOS 9 officially anybody will launch iOS 9 jailbreak and it will brings ton of cydia tweak for all their fellows. Here are some iOS 9 jailbreak cydia tweaks that we are expecting on iOS 9 cydia download.

cydia twaks ios 9

Customizations of Control Center

This is the most want cydia tweak to customize the control center of your iPhone or iPod. Control center customization cydia tweaks allow you to do settings a custom background, remove the separators, hide icons or sections and many more list of customize. I think in future we can take control center customization cydia tweaks via iOS 9 jailbreak. Now we splash few best iOS 8 control center  cydia tweaks for you.

  • CC Desepatator – CC Desepatator will allows to remove the separator lines on your device control center.
  • CCBackground – CCBackground is the top cydia tweaks. It will support to make your idevice center colorful with your favorite custom background. Users can customize the background with your camera photos, images, styles, colors and etc.
  • CCSlider – Via CCSlider you can customize the brightness slider with some options like flashlight brightness, ringer volume.

ios 9

Swipe to Dismiss Notifications

This also we are expecting cydia tweak in iOS 9, but we are not sure that this is not a thing in iOS 9 yet. Users can swipe all notification and take some actions on those notifications but can’t do it simply. Additionally users can dismiss notifications after tap twice on notifications, but it is most oppressive. We expect one click for it. With NCSingle TapClear tweak you can do it easily.

ios 9 cydia download

Unlock Your Mac Using Your iPhone

UnlockID is the jailbreak tweaks that is been taking by Storm jailbreak community and the tweak will allows to unlock your Mac with your iPhone. The feature is like a security feature. Users can use Touch ID on iPhone to unlock their Mac.

ios 9 cydia

New Alarm Options

Sometimes ringer volume turned down to low and we forget to turn it back up before go to bed and list of alarm problems decided to fix by apple.   Now we splash new cydia tweaks for adjust alarm options.

  • Safe Alarm – The feature will allows to adjust volume for the alarm and ringer independently.

ios 9 download

Jailbreak iOS 9

iOS 9 is the next generation major mobile operating system will most likely be confirmed 8th of June, 2015 or after soon during Apple’s WorldWide Developers Conference. Apple has planned to hold WWDC on next month June 8 to June 12 in San Francisco. Most probably Apple will release the first announcement about iOS 9 in WWDC. As rumours iOS 9 will be release including new Music app, improved Siri, numerous bug fixes and various performance improvements. Rootless is the security feature which they indicated as main feature and reviewers predict that the feature will be the killer of iOS 9 jailbreak.

ios 9 cydia

iOS 9 Jailbreak Features

Changing Default Apps – The feature will allows to users to change the default app. Examples users can use Chrome behalf of Safari or users can use Google Maps behalf of Maps. MapsOpener and Browser Changer are two jailbreak tweaks. Some iPhones and iPods which is non-jailbroken are stuck with stock apps and they can use third party apps, but it will open in Safari.

New Keyboard options – We expect various improvements of iOS keyboard via iOS 9. SwipeSelection is the new feature in keyboard that can be use swip across the keyboard where you want. Normally the keyboard always shows upper case letters, but with ShowCase feature users can take lower case letters behalf for all upper case letters.

Battery Conservation Settings – BatterySafe feature will automatically disable power hungry features.

Better Alarm Options – Safe Alarm the feature that allows to adjust volume for the alarm and ringer. That is the expect feature via iOS 9.

Control Center Customization – CCHide and FlipControlCenter are the most famous jailbreak tweaks that let to customize control center.

Download iOS 9 and upgrade your iPhone, iPad and iPod

After Apple confirm iOS 9 officially all users can download iOS 9 from iTunes or OTA. iOS 9 beta versions can download go through Apple Dev Center. OTA update does not work with jailbreak process in future. Therefore the better thing is use iTunes to all updates. We are expecting “Quality” focus, Trusted Wi-Fi, iCloud Drive, Smaller app size and legacy iPhone and iPad support as main features via iOS 9 download.

iOS 9 Jailbreak Status Update

iOS 9 can’t jailbreak yet. We are expecting iOS 9 cydia download as soon as possible.

Download iOS 9 | The next major mobile operating system

How to download iOS 9 – As some iOS expert reports, Apple planned to release iOS 9 on June 8th of 2015 or after soon at their Apple World Wide  Developers Conference. Oft-times WWDC will be present on next month. So we can hope iOS 9 public version so soon. After publication of iOS 9, all users can download iOS 9 with modern security system for all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Some sources indicated that Apple is now working for iOS 9 core version and they planned to build it for older A5 based Apple devices. They seemed original iPad mini, iPhone 4s, 6, 6 plus, 5, 5s, 5c, iPad 4, 3, iPad mini 2, 3 as iOS 9 device compatibility.

You must wait officially confirm iOS 9 to download iOS 9 go through iTunes or OTA. There is currently not available iOS 9. Wish to get new benefits via iOS 9 cydia download as soon as possible.

cydia 9

iOS 9 Jailbreak possibility – As some reports, essentially “Rootless” is the mainly expectant features on iOS 9 security system. They are predicting that Apple’s plan is prevent all jailbreak exploits via Rootless. They indicated Rootless is the huge kernel level feature both OS and OS X and it will be safe extensions, sensitive data and against malware. In fact they connote that Rootless will be the main reason for iOS 9 jailbreak prevention. Although now all cydia lovers are expecting iOS 9 and iOS 9 cydia download so soon, because with rumours they are motivating toward iOS 9 cydia download.

Jailbreak iOS 8.4 beta 1

Apple’s iOS 8.4 beta 1, beta 2 and beta 3 is already can download all registered developers via Apple Dev Center. So we can hope iOS 8.4 major version so soon, sometimes it will be after beta 3. Reputed iOS hacker and jailbreak researcher Stefan Essar already found jailbreak tool for download cydia on iOS 8.4 beta 1. Some iOS reviewers stated that actually that video showed only iOS 8.4 beta review, nothing any jailbreak concept. But many jailbreak expert approved that iOS 8.4 beta 1 jailbroken by iOn1c. However we can expect iOn1c for iOS 8.4 cydia download after iOS 8.4 public.

Cydia Download for iOS 9

iOS 9 release date now confirmed. According to rumours first introduction of iOS 9 will be release in Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference, WWDC which is expect to observance in next month. Oft-times iOS 9 will be release on June 8 or after. Apple’ iOS 8.2, iOS 8.3, iOS 8.4 beta versions are successfully rolling now. But anybody could not possible to release tools to cydia download. However as the security report, Apple has decided to prevent malware, make safety for extensions, increase security of sensitive data and prevent jailbreak iOS 9 ability via the new feature of Rootless.  I think iOS 9 is the newest major mobile operating system in next generation iOS. In fact iOS 9 cydia download near to impossible?

cydia download for iOS 9

Download TaiG for jailbreak iOS 8.x

Taig jailbreak download

iOS 9 cydia download possibility

According to Apple’s iOS 9 security report, Rootless is the new feature which is expect via iOS 9. Both iOS and Mac can hope this feature and many people comment that this feature will work as safeguard in device system to against malware, safety of extensions, make security to sensitive data and prevent all jailbreak iOS 9 exploits. I did not saying that Rootless feature will be a main point for can’t jailbreak. After confirm iOS 9, People who develop jailbreak tool will be win iOS 9 jailbreak game. But one thing can say, perhaps iOS 9 cydia download may be hard. Or it will be a big challenge for all jailbreakers. However to users, iOS 9 will be the real new experience. Sure.

ios 9 jb

According to people who are spreading rumours, all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices capable with iOS 9 cydia download process. Including iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPad Air 1, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad 4 and iPad 3. But even they said that iPhone 5 user can download iOS 9, but it does not good for iPhone 5.

TIP : Users cannot update their idevices into iOS 9 and cannot download cydia iOS earlier to release iOS 9 officially.

We invite all users to gather around the next Apple’s major update of iOS 9 and stay for cydia download iOS 9 as soon as possible.