iOS 11.2 jailbreak -The Upcoming era of Jailbreak!

iOS 11.2 is now Apple’s attention winning half of the software cycle from which Apple going to reach the user with many essential upgrades. Bringing Airplay 2 functionality and more in the hand of the user, iOS 11.2 looks worth upgrading for 64-bit devices. But will that be same important to those who waiting for iOS 11.2 Jailbreak? Let us now see how iOS 11.2 going to be useful in upgrading the operating system as well as in the side of jailbreak.

iOS 11.2 jailbreak

iOS 11.2 is Apple’s second major upgrade following the original iOS 11.0. And just as all its previous, the upgrade is for all 64-bit devices over the air and through iTunes. Although it is not big as much as the original 11.0 released back in September, it too has something to speak about the features and changes. So let us now see what they are as follows.

Should you Download iOS 11.2?

Just as always, iOS 11.2 is another attempt by Apple in bringing essential upgrades to the operating system. But if you still do not aware what they are, here you are the complete learning with separate sections.

Airplay 2 Feature

This is a useful feature which controls the audio output of multiple devices connected from your iPhone, iPad or iPod. You can find out the available devices from the Now playing widget through the Control center and easily connect to handle different media from each connected device. If you with an Apple TV, you can try this feature and will soon be available for Homepod too.

Fixes the calculator Bug

With iOS 11.2, Apple successfully addresses the latency bug with the Calculator. So you can be tallying up 1 + 2 + 3 now correctly to come resulting as 6 with no trouble.

Control center tweaked a little

Having iOS 11.2 will give some slight changes to the Control center. So Now playing widget now comes in squared art giving you the feel of complete album art instead of the rounded edges previously.

For more,

  • Older iPhone 7/7 Plus can now enjoy iPhone 8 exclusive wallpapers with IOS 11.2 download
  • Now with the upgrade side button double-click no longer to lock the iPhone
  • With the new upgrade, we find slight changes to the Emojis like Whiskey glass and Camera
  • For more, there are more updates to animations, icons and in concern the stability of the whole iOS 11.2 performance

As to the confirmations so far, iOS 11.2 is with essential upgrades to your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. And up to beta 4 latest, there are more promises on feature upgrades as new live wallpapers for iPhone X, Apple pay cash and more.

What is new in jailbreak iOS 11.2?

iOS 11.2 jailbreak


As of the news around jailbreak and Cydia Download so far, we find everything under distracting pause. But if you remember the reveal of Liang Cheng in the recent times about jailbreak iPhone X on latest iOS 11.1.1, we can still keep some hopes. So if Cheng himself or anybody else willing to make use of the exploits, there will be an update to iOS 11.2 jailbreak sooner than expected. But until things come officially out, we have to wait patiently. The latest demonstration was again by a KeenLab developer at the security conference POC 2017. But above the demo and code injection, he hasn’t left anything to cheer up the public. So it is all about waiting.

Jailbreak iPhone X – Everything you should know

The iPhone X is the most impressive launch of Apple which was unveiled during September Keynote the year 2017. It reached the next generational technological techniques and that is dazzling and intelligent that is in touch with your voice, to a click and even a brief look. The sparkling design, OLED 5.8 inches Super Retina display, TrueDepth Camera, Face ID, Portrait Lighting, Animoji support and not to mention are there that made your dream a reality. Here is everything about jailbreak iPhone X that you should know.

jailbreak iphone x

Fabulous feature collection

Brand spanking new design

The design of the iPhone X is unique. The face absolutely coats with a glass panel which known as the 5.8inches OLED Super Retina display. On the top center of the screen, the shocking notch has been stated.  The Touch ID sensor, Home switch and the chin area is not there as often. The particular glass panel that used on the exterior famed as the heaviest use ever that contained 7 layers including an additional steel sheet. Each corner of the device is curvy and packed without any flaw.

jailbreak iphone x

5.8 inches OLED display

This is the most outgoing and authoritative display that lay in an iPhone called Super Retina. Being 5.8inch, its perseverance comes as 2436 x 1125 with 458 PPI of pixel density. Furthermore, True Tone features as well will be encounter through and that specifically arranged to the color temperature of the display depending on user’s close around. With the Dolby version, this also assists HDR. Thus, watching videos over the iPhone X will be really startling than prior.

A11 Bionic CPU

This is the chip that positioned in the device which is an engineering genius. This contained 6 core system of 4 with high competence and the rest 2 as highly energized. While the first provide 70% faster than A10 Fusion chip, the other will arrive as 25% faster. The inner GPU has a new design containing 3 core technique and that is 30% faster than the prior.

Rear Cameras with Dual OIS

jailbreak iphone x

TrueDepth Camera for Face ID

For the iPhone X has no Touch ID, just open your face to the device to identify you. It will automatically unlock everything including Apple Pay and the rest locked sections as well. The notch which is in the middle of the screen holds the TrueDepth camera perfectly. IR camera, flood illuminator and the dot projector are joining for the authentication. It will be 30 000 dots that the dot projector capture on your aspect. Though grow a beard or else change the hairstyle will not be able to trip the Face ID.

Gesture-based interface

iPhone X even removed the frequent Home switch. Thus, you will have to touch the specific bar at the bottom of the screen for whatever action. Once you swipe up the screen, you will return to the Home or else the device will be prepared to unlock. To simply get the app switcher, you can swipe up and hold for a while. So now, a hold of the Side key invokes Apple pay and Siri swiftly.

Swipe down the left side of the status bar to entry to the Notification panel/Lock screen. Besides, just swipe down the right side to open the Control Center.

Portrait Lighting

Portrait Mode Selfies

jailbreak iphone x

With iPhone X, your selfies will become glamour and interesting. The fronting shooter is not changed which being the same 7MP unit. But, the all-new TrueDepth camera that stands on the notch will play new features including depth mapping plus Portrait lighting.


At this time, the iPhone X brought very own emoji system called Animoji. You can pick up the features through Messages. All you have to do is holding the phone in front of your face and the specific Animoji to animate your face reactions and even with an audio clip. And then send it to someone you desire and enjoy chatting.

Wireless charging

jailbreak iphone x

Well, this is something incredible and that fully supported by the specific backward glass piece to charge the iDevice completely devoid of a cable. At this time, it is a wonder for Apple allows the industry standard. Whichever Qi-based stand must workable.

Jailbreak iPhone X

And finally, we know that you desire jailbreak iPhone X possibility soon. But there is no to clarify deeper for the device should be here before decide that iPhone X jailbreak is possible or not. If you are a jailbreaker and decided to shift to an iPhone X, it does not matter as we hope hackers will open the breakout on time.


  • $999 – 64GB
  • $1149 – 256GB

Release date

  • Pre-orders – Starts on 27th October
  • Delivery – From November 3rd